Major, the younger of President Joe Biden’s two German Shepherds, was reportedly sent home to Delaware after exhibiting “aggressive behavior” at the White House:

According to CNN’s Kate Bennett, Major bit a White House security officer:

The dog is anti-cop?

But Major does have his defenders:

“Major Biden did nothing wrong”:

And Trump accuser E. Jean Carrol asks why the dog is being treated harsher than the former president:

Another blue-check compared Major to Lindsey Graham:


White House press secretary Jen Psaki wouldn’t comment on the specifics, however. From Mediaite:

“I don’t have any specifics, I don’t have any updates for you, Mika, on reports about an incident,” Psaki said, “but what I can tell you as a dog lover, I know you are, is that Major and Champ are part of the Biden’s family, they’re members of the family.”

They won’t even answer a question on it?