As Twitchy reported, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo earlier released a statement that’s come the closest so far to admitting to the sexual harassment he’s been accused of, saying he understands that his interactions with female staffers “may have been insensitive or too personal” — that’s a long way from releasing official flight logs to try (and fail) to torpedo the first accuser.

We’ve had plenty of threads on how the press treated the “Luv Guv” last year — Vogue published a piece on “Why We Are Crushing on Andrew Cuomo Right Now” — but as they used to say about Donald Trump every day, the walls are closing in. John Oliver, who hosts HBO’s answer to “The Daily Show,” called “Last Week Tonight,” tore into Cuomo Sunday night on the nursing home scandal, the sexual harassment accusations, and Cuomo’s general unpleasantness.

Mediaite reports:

The host opened this Sunday’s Last Week Tonight by mocking the governor as “a man whose face, build, and general demeanor always seems to scream Business Frankenstein” — before later addressing the controversies.

Oliver criticized Cuomo for undercounting the Covid-19 death toll in New York nursing homes, adding, “You’d expect that less from a transparent democracy and more from an authoritarian regime like North Korea.”

The Last Week Tonight anchor also went after Cuomo for publishing a book on the lessons he learned from a still on going pandemic, and his acceptance of the term “cuomosexuals.”

People have denigrated Janice Dean for being “just a weather girl” but she was onto Cuomo last March.

Do the other late-night hosts know Cuomo’s on the table now?