The Left is convinced that Sen. Josh Hawley is a seditionist because he raised an objection to the certification of President Biden’s electoral college votes, much as a handful of Democrats raised objections in January 2017 to the certification of President Trump’s electoral victory. This one photo of Hawley (next to the damning photo of Hawley pointing his finger menacingly at a witness) seems to be a favorite of his opponents, and we’re learning now from Lincoln Project member (or alumnus; we’re not sure if he’s jumped ship yet) Kurt Bardella that the photo is worth 1,000 words, but the most important are “seditionist” and “white nationalist.”

We thought the symbol of white nationalism was the “OK” sign, which we have pictures of Biden, Jen Psaki, Barack Obama, et al. making. But we guess the raised power fist that used to stand for black power now stands for white power.

It’s not there now.

Unless you buy into the theory that it was white supremacists who stormed the Capitol to keep their white supremacist president in office because they’re afraid of the “browning” of America.