As you know, talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh died Wednesday after a battle with stage-four lung cancer. Unbiased PBS journalist Yamiche Alcindor, who always adds a bit of “context” to her tweets, noted that Limbaugh “was often criticized by many as being both a racist and misogynist” — “many” being people who didn’t listen to his show.

The New York Times’ obituary was in line with most in the liberal mainstream media, but the Times is keeping things rolling by having four different people write opinion pieces on Limbaugh’s legacy. Among them are Ben Shapiro and Ross Douthat, and these two:

“Must we dance on Rush Limbaugh’s grave?” Wow, what a thoughtful take.

Jill Filipovic writes:

When the conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh died on Wednesday of complications from cancer, he ended a decades-long career as one of the most malignant and sadistic figures on the right.

His contributions to contemporary conservatism encouraged members of the Republican Party base to be meaner, smaller and more vulgar. He anchored his banter with a steady stream of invective, by turns promoting xenophobia, racism, homophobia and misogyny, teeing up a ready-made audience for the cruelty politics of Donald Trump.

How was he a misogynist? He criticized Hillary Clinton, and don’t forget what he did to poor Sandra Fluke. Oh, yes, he also popularized the term “feminazi,” “a pejorative he assigned women who spoke out for their own rights generally.”

It’s also funny how no one at the Times can seem to find a photo of Limbaugh after he lost weight. Imagine the cries of misogyny if they’d done that to a woman.