Was it poor optics for Sen. Ted Cruz to fly to Cancun, Mexico while Texans are going without heat or electricity for days? Absolutely. Was his excuse about “wanting to be a good dad” and escorting his girls on a trip with friends a solid one? Not really; he said in his statement he was flying back Thursday afternoon, but hadn’t he planned to come back Saturday?

It was a mistake, he got caught, and he admits it.

But the media pile-on would have you think he’d killed thousands of nursing home patients. Check out the “perp-walk” awaiting him when he arrived back in the States — they took video of him walking up the boarding ramp:

And now the New York Times has text messages from Heidi Cruz planning the trip to Cancun and inviting others along.

“The private nature of the texts”? Not only does the Times have the text messages; liberal super-PAC American Bridge has screenshots of Mrs. Cruz’s text messages and posted them online:

And check this out: Protesters are waiting for Cruz at his house:

Like we said at the top, poor optics, but certainly nothing criminal. And certainly nothing that deserves this much attention.

The trip was a mistake, but maybe some perspective would be nice?

* * *


Just as we published this piece, we found out that Cruz is going on the local news tonight to talk about it more: