Here’s an opinion piece that the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank published in yesterday’s edition, but it seems especially relevant now that former President Donald Trump has been acquitted of the charge of incitement of insurrection. Milbank’s claim: If Republican senators voted to acquit Trump (and all but seven did), they would own the violence that followed.

What violence is Milbank talking about? “If he gets back into office and it happens again,” or leftist mobs smashing windows in D.C. just after Mayor Muriel Bowser told businesses to take the boards down? This is one of those poorly worded tweets: Actually, he’s talking about Trump’s supporters being emboldened to commit more violent acts like the storming of the Capitol, particularly if Trump runs again and wins in 2024.

Violence or “political carnage”?

Again, Milbank isn’t even touching on the fact that leftists might decide it’s a good night to riot to “protest” the outcome of the trial; he’s simply saying Trump is free to incite even more violence, and the blood will be on the hands of the Republicans who voted to acquit him.

So we’re already looking forward to the next riot incited by Trump and right past the violence that’s been plaguing the country for a year.