We remember when CNN’s Brian Stelter was upset with Fox News because they were still using footage of the George Floyd riots in New York City a full week later, making the city look like it was “shattered by thuggery.” Stelter thought that was unfair; the boards were starting to come down from store windows, and “today I noticed the city’s garbage can — taken away last week because vandals were lighting fires in them — back on my building’s corner today.” Hooray!

A lot of businesses in Washington, D.C. boarded up before Election Day just in case President Trump won reelection and the leftist mob decided to do a do-over of the George Floyd riots. But now D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser says D.C. is open, and you can take down your boards now.

They’ve decided to keep the National Guard in town for the duration of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial … just in case.

Is she really suggesting businesses boarded up because of COVID?