OK, we’re going to pretend we’re Politifact and parse this really closely, in the same way Politifact determined that Rep. Maxine Waters never told a mob to ensure that Trump supporters “are not welcome here or anywhere” — she was talking about a specific set of Trump supporters: members of his cabinet.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tells a reporter in the following clip that his quote’s not accurate, and she’s right: She didn’t tweet that Sen. Ted Cruz “tried” to have her murdered; she tweeted that he “almost” had her murdered. See?

Besides, she’s not apologizing and wouldn’t in any case, so the point is moot.

She didn’t seem to want to linger on the topic other than to say she wouldn’t be apologizing … so she does believe Cruz almost had her murdered knowing everything that we now know about what didn’t go down in her office building.