As Twitchy reported Monday morning, NBC News made a big mistake when it chose to feature under its “THINK” banner a piece trashing Dolly Parton’s “5 to 9” Super Bowl commercial for Squarespace. “The gig economy is a wretched alternative to a stable paycheck and proper benefits, and efforts to paint it as a matter of ‘independence’ or ‘being one’s own boss’ downplay how hard it is for so many gig workers to make ends meet,” wrote Kim Kelly. Believe it or not, though, some want to be their own boss, and for them, Squarespace is a viable way to set up a website to launch their businesses.

We’d have left it at that, but Marina Medvin did some digging on the author of the piece, who shared that “it’s so disappointing to read the lyrics to this new song and hear her literally sing the praises of ‘working, working, working.'” If you check Kelly’s bio at the bottom of the piece, it says she writes on “labor, politics and working-class resistance” for such sites as Teen Vogue.

Medvin also found out that Kelly describes herself as “a journalist, organizer, anarchist, and all-around troublemaker,” and if you like her freelance work, you can become a “Comrade” by subscribing to her Patreon account at $15 a month.


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