As Twitchy reported, “right-wing” Lincoln Project co-founder John Weaver apologized for sending “inappropriate” messages to young men. The New York Times reported that so many alleged victims had come forward, one as young as 14, that they couldn’t include all of them in one story.

As Twitchy reported Sunday night, another Lincoln Project co-founder, Jennifer Horn, had resigned, citing the group’s handling of the John Weaver allegations. The Lincoln Project quickly released a statement outlining the “real” reasons Horn was resigning; she was a grifter working for an organization that prefers to do its own grifting.

Steve Schmidt decided to clarify the official Lincoln Project statement with tweets of his own:

“Our values diverged.” No, it looks like your values were too similar.

Here’s Glenn Greenwald, and he’s not holding back:

Like the male co-founders of the Lincoln Project aren’t living large off of donations?