As Twitchy reported Thursday morning, the big news story of the day was from CNN, which quoted unnamed sources as saying that the Biden administration had inherited no COVID-19 vaccination rollout plan from the Trump administration and had to “build everything from scratch.” That myth was busted almost instantaneously.

Later in the day, Dr. Anthony Fauci held a press conference at which he said, “We certainly are not starting from scratch because there is activity going on in the distribution.” So is Fauci lying? We heard there weren’t going to be any lies from this administration.

Drew Holden got to work putting together one of his famous threads compiling all the people who jumped on CNN’s scoop and ran with it.

So the Twitter account for Jake Tapper’s show, State of the Union, passed along CNN’s big scoop, and yet later in the day, Tapper himself retweeted this:

Will his bosses post a correction or a retraction? Will he or any of his colleagues? Or does the retweet cover it?