As Twitchy reported Monday, Joe Biden, who’s reportedly been double-masking, showed up at a Philadelphia food bank on Martin Luther King Jr. Day wearing a hat, sunglasses, a mask (or masks) that appeared to cover his entire face, and protective gloves. Some wondered why someone who’d been vaccinated twice against COVID-19 would need all that protective gear — the mask is supposed to keep you from infecting others.

As we’ve also reported, there’s been discussion over how to prove one’s been vaccinated — a card, maybe — so that you can ward off that crazy person chasing you around a store because you’re no longer wearing a mask.

So what’s the deal? Joe Biden wants us all to wear masks just for the first 100 days of his presidency, but does that count even if you’ve been vaccinated or already had COVID? PoliMath has some thoughts:

But how do we know when it’s safe enough to stop?

Remember how weird it felt going out the first time with a mask? Imagine how it’s going to feel going out without a mask — if that’s allowed.