President-elect Joe Biden spent part of this Martin Luther King Jr. Day volunteering at a food bank in Philadelphia … at least we think it was Biden. As someone in the comments mentioned, remember back in 2017 when #FakeMelania trended, and thousands on Twitter swore that the woman walking beside President Trump was not his wife but a body double?

It was such a dumb idea that it trended again in 2018, and then it trended again in 2019, helped along by a piece in the New York Daily News. So how do we know this Joe Biden, dressed not unlike Michael Jackson, was the real Joe Biden and not a body double?

That would have been Gov. Ralph Northam in blackface. He won that dance contest, by the way.

And since the New York Times recently reported that Biden has been “double-masking,” a lot of people are wondering what the point is in getting the COVID-19 vaccine anyway.

“Where’s Joe?” is the new “Where’s Hunter?”