While conservatives are still waiting for proof of life from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (just kidding), The New York Daily News is once again indulging the conspiracy theorists who believe President Trump is flying around the country with a body double standing in for his wife, Melania.

It was October 2017 when people first started insisting that the woman in a photo with Trump wasn’t his wife, and the theory was revived in August 2018 after Mrs. Trump had been out of the public eye following surgery … was that really her in a shaky iPhone video of a woman addressing Gold Star families at the White House?

So by our count, this is the third time we’re doing this Melania body double thing.

“Some felt something was amiss” — but we dismissed those people as nutjobs and ignored them. No, wait, you ran another story indulging them.

Melania stoically stood near her husband as they paused by crosses representing the victims in Beauregard — but some felt something was amiss.

“That one does not look like her, sorry,” Joy Behar said while co-hosting “The View” Monday and looking at a photo of the visit. “I wasn’t going to go along with this, but that one in that picture doesn’t look like her. It’s a different-shaped face.”

Others claimed the height of the woman standing next to the President in Alabama didn’t match Melania’s.

Seriously? Joy Behar? That should disprove it right there.