After the riot at the Capitol building last Wednesday, President-elect Joe Biden made a statement introducing race into the controversy, assuring the country that Black Lives Matter protesters would have been treated much differently had they stormed the Capitol — throwing the U.S. Capitol Police under the bus and implying they’re racist.

And as we learned earlier Monday, Biden is going to “build back better,” bringing back all of those small businesses that have suffered or even shuttered due to the COVID-19 pandemic — but he’s going to prioritize black, Latino, Asian, Native American, and woman-owned small businesses. So if you were laid off by a white man, you might be waiting a little longer to be called back.

So as we wait to see if the House votes to impeach President Trump for “incitement of insurrection,” Biden has announced that the theme of his inauguration will be “America United.” As we’ve reported before, not even Biden voters who follow him on Twitter have shown any interest in his tweets about unity. “F**k that. I want blood,” tweeted comedian David Cross.

Us too. Seriously.

Remember when NBC News presidential historian Michael Beschloss had a fit when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted the “partisan slogan” “American First” on his official Twitter feed? Telling that the Democrats think “America First” is partisan.


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