As Twitchy reported Saturday, it was said that “employees” of Amazon were asking the company to cut ties with Parler, which was hosted on Amazon’s AWS web servers. (How many of those employees were in the C-suite we don’t know.) And if you’ve tried to log onto the Parler website today, you’ve probably seen an error message indicating your page hasn’t been found, meaning Amazon followed through on the threat.

Parler has filed for injunctive relief to have the site put back up:

We checked the comments to that tweet but we couldn’t find one that backed Parler. Dana Loesch asks, though, if Twitter is using the outrage over the Capitol riots to silence a competitor. Margot Cleveland posted a series of screenshots from the filing, which among other things, show that “less than a month ago, AWS announced with a press release a new multi-year deal with Twitter. AWS will ‘provide global cloud infrastructure to deliver Twitter timelines.'”

Meanwhile, when Twitter announced a permanent suspension of President Trump, Parler saw installs increase in the United States by 355 percent. And as Twitchy mentioned Monday, Twitter’s stock has fallen 6 percent, the first trading day since Trump’s suspension.

The filing also claims that BuzzFeed posted its story on Parler being kicked of Amazon’s servers over an hour-and-a-half before Parler itself received an email from Amazon, “meaning AWS leaked the letter to BuzzFeed before sending it to Parler.”

As inexcusable as the Capitol riots were, it’s also reprehensible how people are using them to push other agendas. Is Twitter doing the same, or does it just care about possible incitement on its platform?