We’ve actually done quite a few tweets on Chris Hayes this week and his reactions to the storming of the U.S. Capitol Wednesday. But in his worst tweet yet, Hayes accuses people on the Right of not even pretending to care that a Capitol Police officer was killed.

Hayes could, you know, read the comments on the posts we did about Brian Sicknick. Or maybe read comments on any conservative site. Or the tweets on this site. Or, we could be just as horrible and say, you know, we’ll admit we thought people on the Left would care more about a Capitol Police officer shooting and killing an unarmed 14-year Air Force veteran. They certainly care if you’re black and shot by a cop.

Well, that’s proof.

Why doesn’t Hayes add something about how Sicknick, as a cop, had voluntarily chosen to be part of a systematically racist profession? That’s what the Left usually says about cops. Jemele Hill told us that Capitol Police went easy on Capitol rioters because they’re focused on eliminating black people. That would include Sicknick, correct?

Or Hayes could talk to the anarchists he and the media defended all summer as they spray-painted ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards) on every building they could vandalize? We don’t remember hearing a lot of support for the police from Hayes and friends — they were busy excusing and even backing the vandalism and arson — we imagine they might have pretended that the police weren’t the enemy.

* * *