Look, President Trump’s attempts to cool down the crowd that showed up to protest the certification of Joe Biden’s electoral votes weren’t great. He could have left the talk about the election being stolen out of his video, which has now been removed from Twitter, along with his other tweets; he’s been locked out of his account for 12 hours.

However, for as many people who stormed the Capitol Building — literally breaking windows and smashing in doors — were thousands more who simply traveled to D.C. to support the president. Megyn Kelly made the point that it was wrong to use the rioting to paint Trump and his supporters with every criticism they’ve ever lobbed at him.

Think about what Kelly said, though: every criticism they’ve ever lobbed at Trump supporters. Remember when Alyssa Milano’s tweet about the MAGA hat being the equivalent of a Klan hood was thought of as so profound she expanded it into an op-ed? Getting called Nazis and fascists and white supremacists for supporting the GOP tax cuts wears thin pretty quickly.

And some of us just voted for him because Hillary Clinton was so very awful.

Expert™ Tom Nichols thought he’d use Kelly’s tweet to shame her.