It was this summer, during the height of rioting, vandalism, and looting by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, that 1619 Project architect Nikole Hannah-Jones explained that destroying property is not violence:

And in the aftermath of the George Floyd rioting and looting and arson, Sally Kohn reminded us that “property is insured and can be replaced” …unless your small business isn’t insured or your insurance doesn’t cover riot damage.

As we watched people burn down Minneapolis and Kenosha and other cities, there sure were a lot of takes about how property damage isn’t violence. Breitbart’s John Nolte pulled up a few examples.

She also said it would be “an honor” to call the George Floyd riots “the 1619 riots.”

And don’t forget the “rioting is good” takes, like this one from 2015 in Salon:

And as we mentioned in another post, CNN’s Chris Cuomo isn’t enjoying having his own endorsement of Antifa’s actions thrown back in his face.

In any case, if destroying property (that’s insured anyway) isn’t violence, then we suppose we can’t condemn this band of protesters destroying journalists’ camera equipment. (Thanks to Townhall’s Julio Rosas for being on the scene.)

Yeah, this is Antifa behavior. Don’t act like Antifa.

As a bonus, here’s more footage from Rosas of someone trying to bash in the Capitol doors (which open outward) with a metal barricade until someone inside gasses him. Is it violence if it’s public property?

Speaking of rioters: