Let’s not forget that Joe Biden’s old boss, Barack Obama, promised to close Guantanamo Bay by the end of his first year in office, and also claimed he’d build a nationwide high-speed rail system. So when Joe Biden promises that community college will be “free,” we’ll believe it when we see it.

Biden’s also good at making arguments against the teachers’ unions without seeming to know it. As we reported Wednesday, Biden said it was unacceptable that students were sitting in cars in library parking lots so they could use the WiFi to attend school virtually. So let’s open up the schools in January, OK? An analysis showed that it was teachers’ unions and politics and not safety most closely linked to school closings.

Now Biden is telling us that 12 years of school isn’t enough in 21st Century America. Why is that? What is it about public schools that makes another two or four years in a community college mandatory to prepare a student for the workforce?

It’s good that he specified public colleges, because without collecting tuition, how is Harvard going to pay Elizabeth Warren $430,000 to teach two classes? It’s good of all of those faculty members to teach for free.

The man is old.

Instead of building a nationwide WiFi network, let’s just reopen the schools. And instead of making community college free, how about making a K-12 education worth something again? Maybe teach civics for real instead of using it as a cover to teach critical race theory and oppression studes.