Colin Wright, managing editor of Quillette, has some news for us about a lawsuit that was filed Tuesday targeting workshops that require children to make public professions about their racial, sexual, gender, and religious identities. This is a long thread, but it’s compelling.

The plaintiff says he was compelled to make these professions in verbal class exercises and in graded, written homework assignments. William Clark said he was repeatedly threatened with failing grades and non-graduation if he failed to comply.

Imagine that. They were teaching intersectionality and critical race theory and calling it “civics.”

“The lesson categorized certain racial and religious identities as inherently ‘oppressive,’ singling out those identities in bold text.” This is what President Trump was trying to defund in the government.

“The dominant groups win when you let them make you believe the ideology they created” — ideologies like “perfectionism,” which is a Western ideal. This reminds us of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History & Culture alerting visitors to signs of “whiteness and white culture,” like individualism, hard work, objectivity, and the nuclear family.

And now the student is fighting back against his oppressors by taking them to court.

Maybe these lockdowns will at the very least show some parents some of the options they have to public school.