In case you didn’t catch it when it was released a couple of months ago, Cardi B released a track called “WAP,” or “Wet-A** P***y.” It was a huge hit, and now Breitbart is reporting that NPR has declared it the best song of 2020.

Breitbart wrote up a story, and that has triggered former conservative blogger Matthew Sheffield to pull the race card in defense of Cardi B and NPR.

The “outrage” is that black women made it. We could leave it at that, but Sheffield couldn’t.

We did a “pearl-clutching” article about it too, if only to feature the brilliant Photoshop changing the sweatshirt to read, “Deck the Halls with Kids in Handcuffs.”

Sorry, no. That’s just ignorant — something someone would say only to prove their credentials as a “former conservative.” And no argument about relentless smears and lies about female politicians is complete without mentioning Sarah Palin, sorry.

We’d never heard of Sheffield before, but man is he laying it on heavy with the hyperbole: “pearl-clutching,” “crying,” attacks,” “smears,” “outrage” … dial it back a little bit.

He’s still going.

Right-wing women are regarded as mere propaganda puppets? You’d better inform all the people pushing for Gov. Kristi Noem to run in 2024.

OK, he’s done. In case you’d forgotten, this all started with his defense of “WAP” against the right-wingers at Breitbart, and we ended up here.

It’s not like the mainstream media ever purposefully used an unflattering photo of President Trump.