As Twitchy reported, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris (first time we’ve typed that) was telling people, “Don’t let anyone put you in a box because of your gender,” apparently unaware that if she weren’t a woman, Joe Biden wouldn’t have picked her as a running mate. She did, after all, drop out of the Democratic primaries before Iowa because her poll numbers were so disastrous, but now it looks like the candidate trailing the pack will be president once Biden taps out after his first 8-hour day.

Actress Olivia Munn is now a big Harris fan and showed off her new Kamala Harris Christmas sweatshirt while wishing everyone “Happy Kamalidays.” (Actually, the only way that rhymes with holidays is if you mispronounce her name, which we’ve been assured is “incredibly racist.”)

It still doesn’t rhyme unless you mispronounce her name. At least it’s not a Hillary Clinton or abortion forceps tree-topper.