As Twitchy reported earlier Tuesday, CNN’s Jim Acosta did some more of his grandstanding as Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was leaving the podium, after she’d savaged the press for ignoring the Eric Swalwell spy story. Of course, the news then became about Acosta and not Swalwell:

That was enough to compel Scott Dworkin, founder of the Democratic Coalition, which established the esteemed and celebrity-studded Impeachment Task Force, to call Acosta a “real-life superhero.”

We know he has super strength from watching him wrestle that microphone away from a White House intern.

Yes, Dworkin’s a master spy in his own mind, describing himself in his Twitter bio as an “investigator who helped expose #TrumpRussia.” Isn’t it surprising that an Obama alumnus and founder of the Democratic Coalition is such a fan of a CNN correspondent?