Twitchy readers might recognize this video from a post we did a couple of weeks ago, but it’s making the rounds on Twitter again today and making the guy in the too-tight shorts famous all over again. In any case, if you missed it before, watch in amazment as this man we’ll call “Karen” stalks a woman through a Hobby Lobby because she doesn’t have her mask on. (Language warning.)

Serious question: Mask-wearers were originally the minority; it took a while for mask culture to catch on and for mandates to come down. Remember how weird it was the first time you wore a mask out of the house? Well, now that there’s a COVID-19 vaccine, when are we going to be able to take off the masks? We’ve heard a plan to have people carry a wallet-sized card to confirm they’ve been vaccinated, but what do you do in this situation? Show your card? What happens when masks aren’t essential anymore? What are these mask police going to do?

Again, seriously, what happens when President Biden says you don’t need a mask anymore after his 100-day promise? What are these Karens going to do when people start showing their faces again?