As Twitchy told you Wednesday, the Biden transition team managed to get ahead of the press on the news about a federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs by issuing a statement from both Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, who said he was deeply proud of his son and noted how he’s emerged stronger from all of the vicious “attacks” on him over the past months.

What does Jill Biden have to say about the investigation into her son’s tax affairs? We might never know, because according to press pooler John Yang of PBS NewsHour, reporters were “shooed” away when Fox News’ Griff Jenkins asked for her reaction to the news.

“Wranglers.” How long are CNN’s Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy going to stand for this attack on the press?

Remember when candidate Hillary Clinton literally had her handlers corral the press with ropes to keep them out of hearing distance?

Now they’re arguing that Jill Biden, like Hunter, is a private citizen. Wait, isn’t she the first lady-elect?

We’re still waiting for Joe Biden to claim his newest grandchild.

Watch, Jill Biden’s wranglers will have ropes next time, or they’ll take a cue from Antifa and bring umbrellas to block the cameras.