As Twitchy reported, liberals are pissed off at Jake Tapper for complaining that the Biden transition team didn’t get back to them about an investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs and instead released a general statement to the press. How could CNN possibly worry about losing a scoop when there’s a coup attempt going on?

Tapper was upset on behalf of CNN senior justice correspondent Evan Pérez, who’d been working on the story before the Biden transition team released their statement after promising to get back to them Tuesday. If you want to see some angry liberals, check out the comments to any of CNN’s tweets about the investigation into Hunter Biden: Hunter’s a private citizen, this is a setup by Bill Barr’s Justice Department, and where are President Trump’s tax returns anyway? (They were leaked to the New York Times, remember?)

What do we have here? Business dealings in China? Will Twitter flag us as misinformation if we mention that that very likely implicates “the big guy”?

“Investigation was put on hold around the election ….” Huh.

For what it’s worth, here’s the statement put out by Hunter Biden himself (well, his attorneys) and the Biden transition team, which writes, “President-elect Biden is very proud of his son, who has fought through difficult challenges, including the vicious personal attacks of recent months, only to emerge stronger.”

Barf. You want a challenge? Try getting child support from the guy, or getting grandad to acknowledge the child’s existence.

His dad said he didn’t know anything about his son’s business dealings. This is all a shock to him, we’re certain.

We’re still waiting to see Twitter flag CNN’s tweets. If the laptop story was Russian disinformation, certainly these so-called tax affairs are too.