It’s like Jake Tapper brings his own bottled water to work sometimes and doesn’t drink from the water fountains at CNN, which we suspect are drugged to make everyone there act as a singular entity following the marching orders from up top. We didn’t think we’d see it, but here’s Tapper not only covering a Hunter Biden story but shaming the Biden transition team for chickening out and sending a statement instead of reaching out in person like they said they would.

So it’s OK to cover Hunter Biden now? Cool. However, Tapper’s ticked that Biden’s legal team didn’t get back to CNN’s reporter as they said they would.

Um, just spitballing here, but maybe the Biden transition team got the idea somewhere that the press wouldn’t be covering “bad news” regarding Hunter Biden. There’s some precedent there.

For what it’s worth, Tapper is getting absolutely roasted in the comments for whining about CNN not getting the scoop on Hunter Biden while there’s a “coup attempt” going on. Liberals haven’t forgiven the mainstream media for covering Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and they’re certainly in no mood to see “bad news” regarding Hunter Biden.