Remember early on in the Democratic primaries when there was genuine concern that candidate Joe Biden might have a #MeToo problem? Aside from the allegations of sexual assault from Tara Reade were all those videos we’ve seen of Biden invading the personal space of women and children, kissing them on the neck, and sniffing their hair? Biden even put out a video in April saying that social norms were changing and he’d be more mindful of respecting personal space in the future, the problem was that bad.

On Tuesday, Biden tapped Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge to be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, but she won’t give him any points on the #MeToo scale if this opposition research published by the Washington Post in 2018 gets out:

But he assured Fudge that something like that would never happen again.

That’s right … she did challenge Nancy Pelosi for Speaker.

And how they tried to destroy Ben Carson.

She’s also a great champion of that “unity” Biden keeps tweeting about; from 2019:

She’s a Democrat in Cleveland.


Good question above, though; will Yamiche Alcindor and the Washington Post memory-hole this since they got to keep Speaker Pelosi like they wanted?