As Twitchy reported Saturday, a photo of an opulent home was making the rounds — a home allegedly belonging to Georgia Senate candidate Kelly Loeffler. The intent was obvious: to make Loeffler seem out-of-touch with working people.

That tweet was posted Friday, has racked up 26,000 retweets and remains up despite the fact that the house belongs to Steve Harvey, who bought it from Tyler Perry. Remember back in 2018, before the midterms, when a Twitter project lead said that election integrity was Twitter’s No. 1 priority? How about slapping one of your famous “misinformation” labels on that one, Twitter? Or this one, which has racked up 1,300 retweets since Sunday?

At least people in the know are roasting these clowns for posting misinformation.

Come on, Twitter? We thought you had third-party fact-checkers on this stuff, and this is a critical election.