Joe Biden has tapped the president of liberal think tank Center for American Progress to head his Office of Management and Budget, and as Twitchy reported earlier, it seems Neera Tanden is busy deleting old tweets in which she accuses Russian hackers of changing the result of the 2016 election, during which she served as an unpaid adviser to Hillary Clinton.

The Center for American Progress is about as Left as it gets without tipping over into Antifa territory, but principled conservative™ Bill Kristol thinks Tanden would be just super, and that’s something on which conservatives, moderates, and liberals should all agree.

What is Kristol now? What are Never Trumpers after President Trump is gone? They certainly fought hard for Biden, but as we’ve reported, Democrats aren’t exactly anxious to cozy up with the Lincoln Project folks now that Biden has presumably won.

But the mainstream media narrative last week was that Biden’s cabinet was the picture of experience and diversity, and moderate at that.