Just before Thanksgiving, we reported on Adamson Barbecue, located in a suburb of Toronto, and how the owner, Adam Skelly, had announced on Instagram that “Enough is enough — we’re opening.” The Toronto Star reporter on the scene seemed personally offended that law enforcement didn’t shut down the restaurant Tuesday when it opened for indoor dining, but we know she’ll be happier now that Skelly has been arrested.

Fox News reports:

Skelly again reopened on Wednesday, with crowds of supporters and protestors lining up outside the restaurant. In response, officials changed the locks on Thursday morning.

Skelly, however, arrived at the restaurant on Thursday and told Toronto Sun reporter Joe Warmington that he had every intention of reopening for lunch that day. (He had previously written on Twitter that he was actively looking for a locksmith to meet him at the restaurant.)

Rebel News was on hand with video of Skelly’s arrest:

The restaurant’s been boarded up as well. Rebel News’ Efron Monsanto went back to the restaurant Saturday to see how things were going:

Roxham Road is a dead-end street that has become a semi-official border crossing for migrants afraid of being deported from the U.S. It’s still illegal to cross there, but Canada has set up a processing station there to handle the influx.

Skelly has been released on bail, and a GoFundMe for his legal defense right now sits just short of $250,000.