“Enough is enough — we’re opening,” read an Instagram post by Adamson Barbecue. The restaurant announced that its suburban Toronto location would be open for indoor dining at 11 a.m. Tuesday, and Toronto Star reporter Jennifer Pagliaro was on the scene to cover the story, as the head of enforcement for the city was planning to be there.

“Making false claims about the severity of this pandemic?” Does Pagliaro happen to work as a Twitter fact-checker on the side?

Shaking bare hands? We’re literally shaking.

Obscenities were probably another reason they wouldn’t be quoted directly.

Reminds us of the party they had in D.C. when the press called the election for Joe Biden. What a mob.

Hello, Pulitzers?

Just wear a mask and stay six feet from everyone else, right?

There’s your headline.

Aw, sad.

Staking out a barbecue joint and reporting on people not wearing masks? Yeah, that’s about it.