In case you missed it, today was the rollout of Joe Biden’s cabinet, and all of the mainstream news organizations quickly got on the same page. As Twitchy reported, NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell praised the “big change” from the Trump administration in that Biden’s advisers weren’t going to be political, and ABC’s Martha Raddatz claimed that Biden’s picks to head up foreign policy were not “political” people. But for people who aren’t political, they have deep swamp roots.

Amy Siskind said the rollout was like “The West Wing”:

CNN’s S.E. Cupp says Biden’s cabinet “is a refreshing return to experience.”

And PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor said that a Democrat had told her that it was like watching “The Avengers” assemble:

Also getting the memo was NBC News’ Lester Holt, who interviewed Biden Tuesday night:

Not everyone saw Biden’s cabinet, especially his foreign policy team, as superheroes, though. Here are some of the best counter-takes, starting with David Limbaugh:

Schmoozing among D.C.’s aristocrats is back!

Sen. Tom Cotton remembers chaos when these folks were last in power:

That was a righteous thread, but Sen. Marco Rubio might have topped it in one tweet:

Yeah, we’re not excited about getting back to “normal” either.


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