It really took no time at all once the AP had called the 2020 race for Joe Biden for the media to kick right into gear to prop up a Biden presidency and treat President Trump as if his term were already over. Whatever restraint they had left was gone; remember CNN’s Anderson Cooper watching Trump’s post-election press conference and describing him as “an obese turtle on his back in the hot sun flailing”?

The good news for journalists is that they can invite President Biden to the White House Correspondents Dinner (aka Nerd Prom) and joke around like they used to with Barack Obama. The establishment is happy and comfortable again.

Journalist Aaron Maté caught the Washington Post rethinking a headline in which they reported that Washington’s “aristocracy” was looking forward to schmoozing under a Biden presidency; maybe “establishment” was a better choice.

No, it doesn’t.

Trump just didn’t fit in with the D.C. aristocracy. He was “new money.”

“The aristocracy of this city is ready to move on, daring to hope that the last four years was a fever that finally broke and life can get back to normal.… Normal, as in not wanting to punch someone in the face.”

Yes, now that the darkness has lifted, there’s no need for all that sloganeering anymore.