As Politico reported, “hundreds” of Trump supporters gathered for a “Million MAGA March” in Washington, D.C., Saturday. And as Twitchy just learned, Trump supporters, like the Nazis, have replaced the American flag with their own — the Thin Blue Line flag — in a show of naked fascism.

So explain this: Here’s The Daily Caller’s Shelby Talcott with video of a woman having her MAGA hat stolen by little thugs in their black hoodies and her American flag being ripped away and eventually stolen. We’re trying to square that with conservatives being fascists who no longer accept the American flag as their own.

Didn’t these people read TIME’s cover story on Joe Biden’s victory, “A Time to Heal”? Didn’t they get Biden’s tweet saying that the opposition is not your enemy, so don’t treat them that way?

Antifa in Portland have made it clear with their banners that none of this ends with a Biden administration.

No one will denounce it because he, and Americans who watch broadcast or cable news, will never see it, because it was just an “isolated incident” in a mostly peaceful counter-protest. Of course, they probably won’t cover the march either.

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This is the same woman, right?