As Twitchy reported, Politico says “hundreds” of Trump supporters are marching on Washington Saturday to show their support for the president. We haven’t yet seen any media types freaking out over a Confederate flag yet, but writer and political commentator Adam Schwarz seems to think (from one photo?) that conservatives have replaced the American flag with the Thin Blue Line flag in support of police. This, of course, is just what Hitler did.

“It’s naked fascism.” Also, does he not see a traditional American flag in the exact same photo? Do you know what’s really naked fascism? Black Lives Matter marchers heading into residential neighborhoods and threatening to come back and burn down a house that was flying an American flag (and that was the New York Times reporting that, not “far-right” media).

Oh, and Schwarz doesn’t want to be lectured by any MAGA types who voted for a racist.

Yeah, don’t take any smack from people who voted for a guy who told African-Americans “you ain’t black” if you don’t vote for him.

You know what doesn’t fly with liberals, though? A pride flag with a Star of David on it — those aren’t welcome at the march.

Or Antifa’s flags with the anarchy symbol on them?

As someone said above, find an Antifa rally where they’re burning the American flag while flying their own, and then find Schwarz’s tweet about how that’s naked fascism.