The headline pretty much says it all, but it reminds this editor of covering the 2016 presidential election when the calling of states suddenly stalled when it appeared Donald Trump might actually have a chance, and it took until 3 a.m. for the networks to finally break down and admit it.

It’s also reminiscent of Tuesday night when all the networks refused to call Florida for Trump, even though it was perfectly clear he’d taken it.

He makes a good point.

But you know that’s exactly what will happen.

Remember how the buzz phrase “This isn’t normal” was going around the media in the early days of the Trump presidency? Well, this isn’t normal.

Biden also seems to do well where they tape cardboard over the windows of the absentee ballot counting center.

They did say Tuesday evening that a burst water pipe in Georgia set things back about four hours, and then explained how that would delay results until … as late as Friday.

A lot of people are making a good point that Florida counts absentee ballots as they come in, but still. Didn’t Jamie Lee Curtis and her stories of Trump supporters stealing mail trucks convince Democrats it was safer to vote in person?


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