We try not to post video unless we know where it came from and when it was shot. This capture of a Zoom call that we’re guessing was hosted by Shut Down D.C. (we recognize Lisa Fithian and Patrick Young) lacks context, but it’s well worth watching. The organizers lay out a map of D.C., highlighting things like police stations, media outlets, and Trump boosters. They also decide it’s fine if somebody wants to break a window to enter a federal building, and they address the presence of (and perhaps need for) guns; after all, those Trump boosters have AK-47s.

Seriously, watch this:

They want to be clear, though; they are not a group of Biden supporters. They’re just an organization of people who aren’t content to let the chips fall as the violent white supremacist machine that is the Trump administration rolls on. “We don’t need to be walking hand-in-hand with the very institutions that oppress and kill us.”

Chaos is the soup of change, so let’s get cooking!

And check it out … she’s an anti-racist activist just like Ibram X. Kendi:

We’re old enough to remember when a group called J20 was going to shut down D.C. during Trump’s inauguration by chaining the trains of the D.C. Metro.

So the plan goes through on Election Day no matter who wins, is that the deal?