Twitchy has already reported on the ongoing efforts of the group Resist Fascism to take over the streets of Washington, D.C., by blocking intersections nightly. Resist Fascism might have gotten a head start by kicking off its effort last Friday, but another group by the name of DisruptJ20 had much bigger plans for Inauguration Day itself … “had” being the operative word.

US News & World Report says that Disrupt J20 has scaled back substantially its plan to block traffic into Washington, which now will consist of shutting down one bridge the group chose not to identify.

The activist network’s decision to scale back its plans comes following the release this week of undercover videos by James O’Keefe and Project Veritas. The first video alleges to show activists discussing a plan to disrupt the “DeploraBall” with a stink bomb made of butyric acid, while the second shows plans to halt the D.C. Metro using chains.

Dismissing the Project Veritas videos, Legba Carrefour of DisruptJ20 told U.S. News that the blockade it had planned was scaled back “in response to recently identified official road closings” and added that “the amount of chaos” described in the videos was being “intentionally overstated” to whip up a panic and convince people to stay home.

The organizer of the DeploraBall, for one, is taking the threat in the video very seriously.

DisruptJ20 still is taking credit for many of the street closures in D.C. and can explain why its plans have been scaled back. “The reason a lot of our plans are pared down is that stuff we wanted to blockade is already being shut down,” Carrefour told U.S. News.