We’ve been known to rag on Hillary Clinton superfan Peter Daou a lot here on Twitchy, but every once in a while he says something we can all get behind. Last we checked in with him, he was urging Joe Biden to drop out of the Democratic primaries after the Tara Reade allegations emerged: “Credible rape accusations are disqualifying or we have NO moral standards,” he tweeted.

Now he’s going after the Lincoln Project, saying there’s no better word than “grifter” to describe them.

Is he wrong?

What? Are they saying Rick Wilson and Never Trumpers like Jennifer Rubin aren’t going to be invited to D.C. cocktail parties under a Joe Biden administration?

So Democrats don’t want them around even if they help Joe Biden win, and Republicans who support Trump want nothing to do with them, so where does the grift go after the election?


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