As Twitchy reported, Twitter said it’s introducing some “friction” into the retweeting process to help slow the spread of disinformation on the platform. When users click the Retweet button, a quote tweet box pops up, giving them a moment’s pause to decide if they really want to retweet that story or add some important context. Curiously, this was implemented after the New York Times editorial board suggested social media platforms like Twitter “introduce friction into the algorithms” to keep fake news, like an election night Trump victory, from spreading.

Today, you might have noticed even more friction from Twitter; sometimes, when retweeting, you’ll see a message reading, “Want to read the article first?” and then another warning, “Headlines don’t tell the full story.” They really want to discourage people from retweeting.

So if headlines don’t tell the whole story, how is the Washington Post getting away with this tweet: