Here’s where we stand now. It’s Oct. 20, and The New York Post has been locked out of tweeting from the @nypost account since Oct. 14 because it won’t take down six links to its exposé on emails and other materials found on a laptop allegedly abandoned by Hunter Biden at a Delaware repair shop.

Byron York notes that it will be a week tomorrow since a representative from Facebook said that the story hadn’t gone through its third-party fact-checking process yet:

And now we’re learning from The Verge that Twitter plans to “introduce some friction” into the retweeting process until at least the end of election week (note how it’s election week now, and not Election Day). The mechanism, if we understand it, goes like this: You hit the retweet button as usual, but Twitter treats it as a quote-tweet and gives you by default the option to enter your own text (or fact-check). The thought, apparently, is this will slow down retweets, as it will give users pause before finally hitting that button to post.

Now might be a good time for a reminder that the New York Times editorial board called for some way of “introducing friction into the algorithms” around the election just in case President Trump tweeted that he’d won on election night before all the absentee and mail-in ballots had been counted. The Times was very concerned about such a tweet spreading around.

You’re allowed to leave the field blank; again, it’s just to give you a moment’s pause before you retweet that conspiracy theory about, say, Hunter Biden’s laptop.