We think we first heard this “pre-warning” from a Democratic data firm: Even though Joe Biden is way ahead in the polls (but not as much as Hillary Clinton was) and is practically a lock to win the presidency, it might appear on election night as though President Trump has won the election. We’ll have to wait weeks, maybe a month, to learn that Biden really won the election due to all of the mail-in ballots gumming up the works.

The Hill is reporting that the New York Times editorial board is pretty distressed over a scenario in which it looks like Trump won the election and therefore he tweets that he won the election. What’s to be done?

The editorial board seems to think that Facebook and Twitter should mess with their news reporting algorithms to slow the news of a Trump victory getting out there to the public:

The Times editorial board suggested that if Trump tweets he has won the election before he legally has, social media platforms adjust their algorithms to downplay his posts.

“Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have all pledged to crack down on misinformation around voting and electoral outcomes. Perhaps in the above scenario they append a label to the president’s posts saying that the information is disputed and that the results are not in,” the editorial reads.

“They could introduce friction into the algorithms to slow the reach of the posts,” the board said. “But pro-Trump lawmakers and pundits most likely would have picked up the argument by then, amplifying the president’s message. What started as one prominent piece of voter disinformation easily could become widespread in the Republican Party and among a large segment of Americans. What would the platforms do then?”

Look, Biden could actually win this thing, if only because of the fatigue of TDS spread by Democrats and the media — we’ve noticed several people note that what they’re looking for in Biden isn’t leadership but “calm” — but it’s crazy how much the media and Democrats seem to be fretting over election night. What if Biden wins by an overwhelming majority … we won’t know for sure, though, until all those mail-in and absentee ballots are counted.

They’ve already planted the seeds that 1) it’s either going to be a tsunami of mail-in ballots for Biden, so we might need to wait, or 2) Trump plans to throw it to the Supreme Court, where he’s planted Amy Coney Barrett to declare him the winner. Never have we seen a campaign make so many contingency plans for losing.