Could the Democrats be any more obvious? You’d think the polls (at least those taken before the two weeks of conventions) would have Democrats bragging about how Joe Biden is a lock — and yet they keep floating excuses as to how President Trump will steal the election, and we’ve read several pieces in the mainstream media about what might happen if Trump lost the election but refused to leave the Oval Office.

With Russian interference always on the back burner, the latest conspiracy theory, according to great minds like Jamie Lee Curtis, is that Trump supporters in MAGA hats are going to steal mail trucks off the street one at a time so all those mail-in ballots for Biden don’t count.

So doesn’t it seem odd that a Democratic data firm would make public its scenario that Trump could appear to win big on election night, but it might be days or even weeks until all the votes are tallied and Biden prevails? We’ve already heard warnings that this could be an election night unlike any other, and the final results could take weeks — or it could be a blowout and Trump easily wins the Electoral College.

Too bad Hawkfish didn’t talk him out of blowing half-a-billion dollars to win 59 delegates.

Yes, Hillary herself urged Biden not to respect the results of the election.

Wouldn’t you think a top Democratic data firm would be predicting a Biden blowout on election night? Funny how they keep floating all these scenarios where it only appears that Trump wins.


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