As Twitchy reported earlier, some big names in media fell for completely fake text messages that were put together as satire by a Democratic college student. No, Rudy Giuliani wasn’t texting back-and-forth with Ivanka Trump, but the mere idea intrigued people like Rachel Maddow and Stephanie Ruhle.

Caleb Hull has a pretty long, exhaustive list of all the blue-checks in media who went ahead and retweeted the fake text messages, and among them was Politico Magazine contributor David Freedlander, who reported that Giuliani was “now being taken in by someone claiming to be Ivanka Trump but who is in fact the vice president of the College Democrats of Indiana.” Actually, no: The texts were fake; Giuliani never received any of them. It was a Photoshop.

Among those reporting on the blue-check frenzy to retweet the fake messages was Politico Magazine contributor Adam Wren.

Good on Wren for looking into it, but his follow-up tweets? We should all do better? Who’s “we”? We’re not sure why, but this tweet was deleted while we were writing this post:

Hey, it was all just fun and games, right guys?

LOL, that college kid sure was clever to put something over on a bunch of liberal journalists, but we should all try to do better “in the homestretch.”