A lot of schools are changing their names to be more woke, but there’s more going on inside in the attempt to be “anti-racist,” as butthead professor Ibram X. Kendi calls it. Reason’s Robby Soave reports that the San Diego Unified School District is doing what it can to “confront practices like this that have gone on for years and years” if it is “actually going to be an anti-racist school district.” Confront practices like what? Well, like relying on grades and expecting assignments to be turned in on time.

Soave reports:

Under the new system, students will not be penalized for failing to complete assignments, and teachers will give them extra opportunities to demonstrate mastery of subjects. The grades they receive upon completion of a course will no longer reflect their average test and assignment scores. “Common grading practices such as averaging a student’s grade over time can disadvantage students who started the year behind grade level and can discredit the progress a student has made, experts have said,” noted The San Diego Union Tribune.

The new approach — which is rather confusingly written — still includes letter grades, but these will reflect student’s “mastery” of the subject rather than their completion of homework, quizzes, and tests. What constitutes mastery is left unexplained. Grades “shall not be influenced by behavior or factors that directly measure students’ knowledge and skills in the content area,” which sounds like a recipe for highly subjective grading. And a great deal of leniency will now be given to students who don’t do the work for a course, including those who don’t show up at all: Attendance can no longer be a factor in grading.

So there will still be letter grades, but they won’t be influenced by factors that directly measure students’ knowledge in the content area.

Don’t you get it? Not turning in assignments doesn’t mean the student doesn’t have a mastery of the material; they’re just not good at meeting deadlines.

Good point — Realtors won’t even mention master bedrooms anymore.

We can’t hear them over the teachers’ unions.