Anyone following the media for the last four years knows that something’s wrong when President Trump tweets too often or not often enough. As Twitchy reported Monday, one doctor who’d made the media rounds all day had said to be wary of imitators:

But then Trump went on an all-caps Twitter binge, leading people to believe it was a side-effect of the anti-COVID-19 drugs he’d been given.

No one seemed to care that Barack Obama almost never tweeted from @BarackObama and that those tweets were all handled by staffers (and you know Joe Biden’s social media staff is taking care of his posts for him). MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, who was alarmed Monday night that Trump’s video about his recovery progress would “absolutely get people killed,” seems concerned Tuesday about who exactly is posting from the @realDonaldTrump account. Is the president able to fulfill his tweeting duties?

That is a really good point.

Who knows? You have a whole building of “journalists,” Hayes … have one pick up a phone and ask.