As we say all the time, don’t trust any reporter who kicks off a story with “Many believe” or “Some say” — that’s how they slip in their own opinions and the opinions of their colleagues in the newsroom without any actual sources or reporting. The Washington Post is claiming that The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway is doing the same thing.

See, the Post, in a piece headlined, “After Trump’s positive test, conservative media goes after liberal critics — real and imagined,” reported that Hemingway told “Fox and Friends” she “was genuinely disappointed” in “the glee” that news of Trump’s positive test for COVID-19 inspired. The Post then goes on to say Fox’s website framed her comments as a critique of “the liberal media,” even though she didn’t actually mention any news outlets during the segment.

Speaking of liberal media, Joy Reid told us she had a phone full of texts from friends suggesting the president was lying about having COVID-19. And former Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama staffer Zara Rahim isn’t in the media, but she did come right out and tweet, “I hope he dies.”

And Washington Post, isn’t Jennifer Rubin one of yours? This was her response to Melania Trump looking forward to a speedy recovery:

Conservative media didn’t have to make up any liberal critics — there were plenty who attached their names to some disgusting tweets. (Kudos to Rachel Maddow, though, whose tweet was genuine and thoughtful.)

Sounds like they’re upset that Fox News framed it as the glee was coming from the liberal media — and since the Washington Post knows it’s the liberal media, they pretended like it was imaginary.

Final word: