Steve Schmidt, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, which is made up of principled conservatives who all plan to vote for Joe Biden and a straight Democratic ticket, was on Twitter Friday declaring that this is it and the walls are closing in on the Trump campaign. He’s been saying that for a while now, but now he has sources who claim campaign staffers are in a panic and are “terrified.”

“… and will face history’s brutal judgment.” Man, switch to decaf or something.

It’s funny that Schmidt encourages us all to “look at the monuments in Washington” and “remember what they stand for,” now that the mayor’s working group has come up with a list of monuments and memorials and statues it recommends removing, relocating, or “contextualizing.” If anyone’s inciting violence and insanity, it’s the anarchists and Black Lives Matter members who went on a spree tearing down and vandalizing statues and monuments.

Here’s GQ’s Julia Ioffe responding to Schmidt’s initial tweet:

The Proud Boys look a lot like the Sturmabteilung? Joe Biden brings up the Proud Boys at the debate and suddenly they’re a thing. We’ve covered them a little bit, and we doubt they make up a “fascist militia” great enough to keep Trump ensconced in the Oval Office if he loses.

Schmidt really manages to hit all the talking points here. It’s the eve of D-Day and he’s pleading with the Resistance inside the administration to throw sand in the gears and machinery — like they’ve been doing since the inauguration. And Trump has his brownshirts in the Proud Boys, though Biden seems to know more about them than Trump does. But if he says the walls are closing in …